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50+ Abusive Reviews Below!

Posted by Hacsev - February 24th, 2015

Be sure to check my last post for some more abusive reviews.

Are you tired of seeing that Garbage whistle on your userpage? Or perhaps want to have your whistle get an upgrade?

By posting these reviews not only I am helping NG in general by removing these badly written reviews, but also exposing stolen works that need to be taken care of by the NG Moderation Staff. It also instructs users on how not to write reviews and that they should read the Guidelines first.

If you want me to notify you when I post the next batch, let me know in the comments section below by saying something like "ADD ME" or "I WANT TO BE IN THE LIST", etc. 

EDIT: I will be deleting links that no longer contain abusive reviews. I will be posting more soon!

EDIT2: Batches #2 & #3 are ready! When half of this list gets cleared or when I get 10+ users on the list I will post #2.

Abusive Reviews:




Thanks man!

No problem :)

Do you know if the review mods are actively deleting reviews right now? Awhile ago I was flagging reviews I know were abusive (even from recent flash too) and I went from Bronze to Normal :(

I think it could possibly be dangerous to flag all of these reviews

I don't know for a fact if some of them are still active, but they should be. I could contact some of them so they can express their opinions on these reviews if you want.

I mean you could if you want to, but review rules are pretty objective guidelines easy to identify, they either are or arent. All of these reviews definitely break the rules. I think it might be more of an issue with activity.

Did you just type in google "newgrounds reviews stolen"? haha

also, do you know if reviews that say "didnt load for me" or anything to that effect count as abusive reviews?

First Question: Hmm, maybe. Not exactly what you typed. ;)

Second Question: That one is somewhat difficult to answer. They aren't considered abusive, but they should not be written either. Users should not review what they cannot see. Instead, they should contact the authors and let them know (or in some cases wait long enough for the flash to load).

From the message at the front page, I thought you were talking about people abusing you in your news comments. My bad.

It's all good.

There's also a good share of rude and bad reviews on "End of Sonic Inflation".

That game sucks, by the way.

Hmm, not sure. They might be rude, but not necessarily abusive. Definitely Kaelor, m24bm are abusive.

I see the mods have already removed a few of them.

Yes, it seems they are pretty active.

Did you get my message about @treee?

Yeah, I think you should report it to a Review Mod. Maybe Malachy, I saw him on the Forums yesterday.

Edit, I think it was @treeee.

You make Newgrounds a better place. Thank you!

No problem :)

Perhaps I can finally get that deity