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Great work and very fun gameplay. The stories just keep getting better and better! I loved when you implemented the "participate" option into the episodes, it makes it more fun and I also liked that you added the voices. The implementation of pokemon music really fits in and I liked it very much. I do have to point out a cool glitch though when I chose the "participate" option against Kyourem. I chose houndour and burned Kyourem. Then I went with dig and Kyourem attacked me with glaciate. My houndour got the status "frozen", but he was still beneath the surface as it was using dig. All of Kyourem's attacks missed and at the same time he was getting burned every turn. While that was happening, hondour was still beneath the ground saying "hondour is frozen". Just wanted to point out that glitch I found! Anyways, awesome episode and I hope you keep making more, Teejay!

teejay-number13 responds:

Really? I found that glitch during the testing phase. I could have sworn I took care of it.


This was a great preview! I laughed a little when "y" said "you can alphabet on it". Anyway, nice idea. I hope Pixar really makes this movie! 10/10 5/5


Good work, Shot-Down! I laughed a little. Great flash and the song was good. Keep up the good work! 10/10 5/5

Sh0T-D0wN responds:


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Nice one!

I really loved the game. I just need a few more medals, though. Great parody of the music video and I liked how you made it in pixels. Nice choice of songs which go perfect with the sprites. I would like it if you made it a little longer, though. Anyways, awesome interactive game, 10/10!

Manly-Chicken responds:

It had more medals, but they would be too hard to find.


Those were nicely done! Loved the great drawings. You should check on some users level icon's cause I saw some wrong of icons like one I saw that said level 8 but you put a level 10 icon. Other than that, everything was perfect! I liked the drawing thing at the preloader part. Great work! 10/10 5/5!

JKAmovies responds:

Alright, cool :)

Thanks for commenting.


A really great game, Arcadebomb! Nice graphics and audio. The only thing you should add is more lives to the player. Overall, very good game! 9/10 4/5

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Awesome Jam!

Best kickass jam I have heard from you so far. But seriously, it was extremely good. That electric guitar solo felt like one you would hear from a live concert. You really outdone yourself with this one, buddy! Besides the beginning, I have to say that I honestly loved the way you ended the jam. Overrall, it was very awesome for a jam, but remember that you'll have to add other instruments like beats to the make songs sound complete. But, it was one of my favorites so 10/10 and 5/5! Keep on rocking!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks Hacsev. Thanks for the excellent review. This was probably my favourite track from the first session too. As for full songs, check out the Hendrix covers I posted. I'm sure you will enjoy.

Cheer gamejunkie


I'm not a big fan of Heavy Metal guitar music, so I didn't like this as much as your other jams. Not a good way to start the song. I heard this song more as playing a bunch of random notes on the guitar. I'm glad you will be making full songs in the future, but please don't make them sound like this jam (no offense). This sounded like a solo you would hear in a live stadium, but in a bad way. I prefer the other jams I have heard so far. Overall, it wasn't really that bad, so a 7/10.

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review. I understand they can't all be 10's. LOL!

Cheers gamejunkie.

Funky Indeed

Some pretty sick riffs you created with your friend there, buddy. It was indeed funky. Some parts were louder than others, but I understand that was probably what you were going for. I really liked the way you ended the song. I think you can create some real full songs using all these jams you have made with your friend instead of just posting them individually. It could be a heck of a song. You can maybe even add some kickass beats into it and a bass along too. Until then, keep on rocking! 10/10 5/5

gamejunkie responds:

Thank you, kind sir. We have plenty of great ideas yet to come. Full songs included. Watch this space. And as always thanks for the awesome review.

Cheers, your pal GJ.

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Nice work, Sabtastic! It reminds me a lot of Jazza's art style. Were you trying to go for that? Either way, it looks very good, keep up the great work!


Great work, Krinkels! I love red and the design is pretty kick ass if you ask me. I love the way it is organized and I liked the way you draw Jebus on this one with the guns and everything. I think this design would look really awesome on a shirt, don't you think?


Nice work!

Excellent, man! This WAS exactly the pose I was looking for. Thanks for the awesome re-make. It's way much better than the original. Good work! I also liked the background.
Thanks again! 10/10

Spazboy225 responds:

*Posts internet bro-fist*

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