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Awesome Jam!

Best kickass jam I have heard from you so far. But seriously, it was extremely good. That electric guitar solo felt like one you would hear from a live concert. You really outdone yourself with this one, buddy! Besides the beginning, I have to say that I honestly loved the way you ended the jam. Overrall, it was very awesome for a jam, but remember that you'll have to add other instruments like beats to the make songs sound complete. But, it was one of my favorites so 10/10 and 5/5! Keep on rocking!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks Hacsev. Thanks for the excellent review. This was probably my favourite track from the first session too. As for full songs, check out the Hendrix covers I posted. I'm sure you will enjoy.

Cheer gamejunkie


I'm not a big fan of Heavy Metal guitar music, so I didn't like this as much as your other jams. Not a good way to start the song. I heard this song more as playing a bunch of random notes on the guitar. I'm glad you will be making full songs in the future, but please don't make them sound like this jam (no offense). This sounded like a solo you would hear in a live stadium, but in a bad way. I prefer the other jams I have heard so far. Overall, it wasn't really that bad, so a 7/10.

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review. I understand they can't all be 10's. LOL!

Cheers gamejunkie.

Funky Indeed

Some pretty sick riffs you created with your friend there, buddy. It was indeed funky. Some parts were louder than others, but I understand that was probably what you were going for. I really liked the way you ended the song. I think you can create some real full songs using all these jams you have made with your friend instead of just posting them individually. It could be a heck of a song. You can maybe even add some kickass beats into it and a bass along too. Until then, keep on rocking! 10/10 5/5

gamejunkie responds:

Thank you, kind sir. We have plenty of great ideas yet to come. Full songs included. Watch this space. And as always thanks for the awesome review.

Cheers, your pal GJ.

Short, but Simple

I have to say from what I heard this was more of a practice than an actual song itself. It needs improvement on how clear the guitar sounds. It sounded too heavy which was very difficult for me to actually hear. Make it a little louder next time as well so we can hear it a little more clearly. It was rather short, but I'm not going to be deducting points because of that since this was more of a practice. But from I what I heard I would say this was an overall good jam.

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks for the review. This was the worst recording of all the songs so far. Don't know what went wrong but all the others worked OK, just not this one. I agree the sound level is pretty bad. Damn Zoom controller is so complicated, 400 page instruction manual and I've only read 45 pages so far. Things will improve. As always your reviews are much appreciated.

Cheers gamejunkie.

So far so good!

I would just like to say that for your first audio submission, this was a pretty good start, gamejunkie! Even if this was a "test" to prove the sound of the guitar, it sounded really good. I never knew you played the guitar, and by what I heard those were some cool riffs you did there. Of course, I have to point out that it was getting repetitive at first, but once the song hit 0:40, I rapidly got out of that boredom. So in overall, this were some really nice guitar jams you whipped up. 10/10 and 5/5!

gamejunkie responds:

Thanks Hacsev. They will improve, trust me.

Cheers gamejunkie.


This was absolutely much greater than the others. Now, instead of the beginning, I like the whole song! I still love those cool bells at the beginning after hearing them lots of times. I'm really glad you removed that constantly annoying sound you used. The vocals were really much better than the others, they sounded a little more "clean". The drums were really an awesome improvement, because they sound much more powerful now. The guitar actually sounded better louder than last time. Must have been the drums and the vocals. Now, the solo was simply outstanding, it sounded like one of those popular rock bands would have made. Overall, one of the best songs I've have heard from you, nice work! 10/10 5/5

Not that good

I'm sorry, but the only thing I like in this is the beginning. Then, the part that you started rocking scared the hell out of me. As I said on my last review, the vocals aren't too good, and I see you kept that annoying sound in the background which was really bad. My suggestion is to remove that sound and improve a little the vocals, also lower a little the sound of the guitar. 7/10

Quite decent

I'm really sorry but I must say that I like the the preview until 0:08. The vocals weren't really good. And it had an annoying sound constantly with the vocals. The guitar was a little down on this, too. It wasn't really good to me, but hey, it's my opinion. 8/10


It's better. Loved the beats especially. The guitar was good with those nice riffs. Also, great solo, man! The voices still could use some more works, but they sound pretty cool right now. Do you mind posting the lyrics here? Anyway, great song! Keep it up.


Nice job on the guitar at the beginning! I love the heavy voice, man. And your laugh was great. The drums were really kicking ass this time man, and loved the powerful guitar. I see you cut sometimes the song. Why do you do that? Well it was your choice, and it was original. Also, the solo was really awesome! I have to say that the ending in this song was actually very good. Amazing work here, and keep it up! 10/10 5/5

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude. Your reviews kick ass. \m/

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